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Who are you?

You have dreams, problems, bad luck, good luck, in short: you have a full life. Nevertheless you have the feeling that there must be more to life, a subtle feeling that you are missing out on certain things. There are goals you never achieved, sometimes you know the reason, sometimes you do not.poppetje met vraagteken

You are a person who is resourceful and creative, is able to find solutions, and is complete. With regards to your life, you are the expert! You are capable to find your own answers for the problems on your path in life.

As your coach I will help you seeking solutions by letting you tap into your natural resourcefulness, creativity and problem-solving ability. I will help you to utilize your natural abilities by asking powerful questions, by stimulating you to use those own abilities of which you did or did not know that you had them. If you think this sounds vague then please read "What is coaching?" first.

At the coaching session you will be true to yourself and honest about what you see, this also goes for me, otherwise we are both wasting your time. Although most of the time you will feel re-vitalized after a coaching session: some coaching session require a fair amount of energy of both of us, some clients take this too lightly.

You do not expect me to lay it all out for you. What you do expect is that I want to work together with you finding truths and solid insights tailored to you by yourself instead of me giving you my personal advice or vague one-size-fits-all ideas in general. You don't shy emotions because they are part of life and therefore essential for functioning as a normal being. You will laugh, cry or even get seriously mad at some sessions, this is all part of the proces.

You will see that with coaching you will not only get further but you will get there faster. I call it, living vertically!

Click here to see a few examples where coaching helps. Curious? Feel free to contact me, free of obligations!

I look forward to welcoming you at your coaching session!