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Who is Stephan Evers? photo Stephan

- Stephan as coach? How did you get there?
Since childhood I am passionate about psychology in a broad sense. When I was student I worked as on ambulances for, among others, theDienst 100”, the national emergency services. I was always very interested in the person behind the generic label “patient”.

As a paramedic I was able to get people in the ambulance to the hospital while before my intervention they strongly felt that they did not want to set one foot in the ambulance. The end result being that they were happy to have gone with us after all. I sincerely enjoyed that!

Apart from being a coach I fly helicopters for a living. Being a pilot I meet all sorts of people from all walks of life. After passengers flew with me they often say that not only the flight was special but the conversation during the flight as well. I decided to do more with the latter in the form of becoming a coach.

I have a passion for people: I see the world as a magnificent treasure map on which after discovering a treasure in the form of a special person, a new red cross to be discovered appears on the map. Although I am interested in (nearly) everything discoverable I am passionate about the human psyche: their drives, obstacles, weaknesses and inner power.

- How are you different from the other life coaches I find on the internet?
I bring a substantial insight in human nature by experience gained from finding myself and/ or others in situations ranging from the ultra comfortable to the extremely uncomfortable. My strong intuition combined with curiosity causes me to sense and name easily overlooked issues and indications. Sensing emotional shifts instantly enables me to get you to the heart of the matter quickly. I am very good at putting things in perspective at the appropriate moment. My well balanced humour often sheds a different light on things. And last but not least: I've always had a talent for getting people to show the best of themselves.

- Can you combine your work as helicopter pilot with your work as coach?
My other passion is flying. Wanting to live my life to the maximum I will do the things I really like doing as much as possible. Flying a helicopter is feeds this passion but it only partly feeds my passion for people, that's why I combine both passions. Two examples: I can let you coach you so you loose your fear of flying. At the company I work for offer my services to students with fear of failure. So my answer to your question is: Yes!

- Can you tell me more about your job as helicopter pilot?
I am a self-employed pilot flying single- and twin-engine helicopters (film stunts, commercials, VIP, VFR/ IFR, photo- and film flights, joy flights, .....) It is the combination of flying and coaching that I like. You read some more about my job as helicopter pilot here.

- How did you become a coach?
Friends and acquaintances came up with the idea to be honest. I was sort of coaching people already without realizing it. Via via I discovered a very interesting course, Co-Active Coaching. I completed the Fundamentals and Intermediate courses. My ambulance experience gives good supplemental knowledge. The hunger for knowledge is insatiable that is why I am studying psychology at the open university in The Netherlands.

- What makes coaching so special for you as a coach?
To see the change the people go through after they realize what powers they have in them! It is a real privilege to witness these changes. It gives me an indescribable boost to see a person doing something really valuable for him or her while before the coaching they thought it was out of their reach!

- If you think coaching is so beneficial, do you have a coach yourself?
Yes, I do. I find it quite important to feel how it is to be on the other side of the coaching session. It really helps me in realizing my goals and dreams.