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You found my website! That’s the first step. treasure map

You most probably reached this website on your quest for options which might help you to make minor- or major adjustments to your life's course.

Just imagine that your goal is a hidden treasure and that you see everything keeping your from reaching your goal are obstacles, than you will not only be able to draw the treasure map through my coaching. You will also find and dig up that treasure via your own insights as a result of our coaching sessions.

My coaching is applies to individual persons as well as to teams and companies. You might want to get rid of something (e.g. fear of flying, unbalanced work/ privacy ratio, fear of failure) or you want to get something (e.g. happiness, self-esteem). Do you have the feeling you don't get the maximum out of life? If your answer is ''yes'' than coaching is something for you!

On this website you will find information on what coaching is and is not. You will also find more information on me because I do understand that it is not easy to contact me if you do not know anything about me.

Good luck,