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What does it cost?moneybank pig

You have choices: a free introduction conversation or a trial session both are free of further obligations.

The introduction conversation can be face-to-face or via telephone. There will be no coaching, just good conversation so that we get to know each other better and in order for you to have all your coaching questions answered.

The face-to-face trial session lasting one hour costs €50 + VAT without any further obligations. A half-hour trail session via Skype is free. The good thing about using Skype is that it does not cost a lot of time and you can do it from anywhere in the world. The advantage of a face-to-face trial session is that we can go for a walk while in the coaching session, most people feel more free to express themselves while walking in the local forrest. This amount paid for the face-to-face trial session will be waivered when you decide to further your personal treasure hunt with


Where are the coaching sessions?

Open the treasure chest of your lifeYou can be coached via telephone, Skype, e-mail and in person.

The face-to-face sample sessions are in Voorthuizen. I can go elsewhere but this normally incurs an extra fee. A sample session via skype and e-mail can be done anywhere without extra fees. Although there are many choices many clients choose the face-to-face sample session where we go for a walk in the local forrest while coaching, currently the preferred option.

Further coaching sessions can be anywhere, depending on what we decided together. We design a contract together in order to avoid any misunderstandings.



Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) set certain rules to which I adhere to when coaching. You can find these rules at the ICF website. Suggested search terms are “code of ethics” and “code of conduct”. ICF_logo_small

You will find on the ICF website that these rules are also translated into: Spanish, German and French..