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Coaching, what is it?

The term coaching is used very loosely nowadays making an explanation of how I use the term necessary.

On this website coaching means taking part with your coach in a process where you will, by me using powerful questions and proven methods, find your own obstacles and drives, seeing yourself and the possible choices you have in life differently. After these always significant discoveries I will assist you in finding a way yourself towards achieving your goals. Coaching is not 'a good conversation', you can have those with your good friends, you don't need me for that.questionmark in the form of a person

One important element of a coaching session is that you will seek, find and formulate your own ideas and opinions. This seems normal, you always do this, right? Think again, many times you will ask and get advice from your friends in those good conversations. During a coaching session you I will make sure that not I but you yourself come up with advice meant for yourself.

This is a life-changer for everyone because you will look at yourself quite differently after coaching. The coaching session will help you not only with you coming up with advice for yourself but it will for instance give you insights in your drives and (just and unjust) fears, just to name a few.

What effect coaching exactly has on you is best described by experiencing it (think of a helicopter flight: you can describe it but you only really know what it is by experiencing it). That's where my sample sessions are for. You reach me on my contact page.

The question “what is coaching” can also be explained by seeing it in relation to other ways of helping people in their lives. You can find more information on the page “How is coaching different?” Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Where can coaching help you?

Where you have too much and you want to get rid of it (e.g. fears, insecurity, troubles) of you have too little of something and you want to acquire it (e.g. success, career, balanced work/life ratio).

When you are looking for a coach, you know what you want to be coached for. If you are not sure whether you can be coached on your chosen subject or not then please contact me. I made a list of just a few of the many subjects where coaching has impact.

* all kinds of fears such as fear of flying
* insecurity/ self-esteem
* problems in your relationship
* having the feeling that you are not getting the maximum out of life (typical question 'is this it?')
* dealing with a career change/ dismissal (voluntarily or not)
* you know clearly where you want to be but you just never seem to get there
* not feeling well in a team
* wanting to achieve maximum/ optimum performance
* not only dreaming about your goals but also achieving them
* finding solutions to long- & short-term obstacles in the way of achieving your goals
* ......

Does this appeal to you? Try a sample session.